Dipan Kumar Rout

Living life between backspaces.

Unbroken Spirit

The branches shiver gently,
As whispers fill the air,
The secrets of the forest,
Are mine and mine to share.

The birdsong blends with traffic hums,
A symphony of life,
A contrast found in every step,
Of beauty, peace, and strife.

A little more than tired,
A little less than done,
I rub the roads with my feet,
This heart doesn’t know to quit.

A little more than weary,
A little less than worn,
I trace the paths that wind & twist,
Through dusk and then to morn.

In a world of trials and tribulations,
A tempest of words and confrontations,
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
Yet my spirit, unbroken, forever roams.

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