Dipan Kumar Rout

Living life between backspaces.

On those Shitty Days

Write your madness here. There is no reason to take it outside anywhere. You can only control your actions. Your actions, watch them, for they create a ripple effect in themselves. There will always be those people in life who will try to bring in negativity. Tell them to go fuck themselves; not in an agitated way, preferably in ways that they will understand. Your rule in life is to live. There will always be shortcomings, failures, mood swings, times when you don’t want to work.

Remember one thing, no matter how hard it is or how depressed you feel, wake the fuck up, get the fuck out of bed, shower and show yourself at work. Unfuck yourself. You’re just devastated; you’re not at your rock bottom. You’re still good. Many people do not have what you have now, the liberty to spend. Remember those depressing times when you didn’t have a job. You were clueless where life was precisely going. You didn’t even know the flow. What do you feel now? Are you at a better position? Ask yourself fundamental questions. Stay motivated; motivate others. Others look up to you. You can’t let them down.

Again, no matter, how of a mess you’re; unMess yourself. Stop this habit of articulating too much. Write a blog; take a pen and paper; maybe solve a problem; draw a rage cartoon; listen to some soothing music. Again, if you’re disaster-stricken, unmess yourself. Be self-aware; others depend on you. If you think you don’t know the answer to what’s happening with you, then no one will. If there’s a fire in your house; you should be the first one to extinguish it. God didn’t define the path that you’re treading in; you did. So, help yourself. It takes one day, one moment of anger, mood swing to ruin things. You’re a nobody in the countless millions of swarms of people. Nobody fucking cares for you.

Repeat after me; “I’ll not break the rules of my life, that I’ve created for myself.” “I’ll never lose myself to self-pity”.

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