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Day 1 : Journey to Fitness – Beginnings

Its probably a bad bad day to start your fitness journey on the 1st of the month, when it falls on a Monday. My entire house is in a chaotic state because of the interior work being done. The entire kitchen is being done. We have made a make shift arrangement to cook food. Regardless I’m determined to continue this journey.

End Stats:

  • Too tired.
  • Sore thigh muscles because of lunges.
  • Have already fallen 5 times today.
  • Meals – Full
  • Smoothie – Couldn’t
  • Weight: 61.35 kg

PS: Bought an InstaCuppa, its a lifesaver to cook small amounts of steamed food. To track food quantity, bought a Health Sense, weight machine for kitchen. I have an entire list of items that I own, that you can check here.

I’m currently being trained by Debangshu, an amazing person, specializing in natural transformation.

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