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Uses This

Inspired by Uses This, below are the list of hardware, software, tweaks and tools that I have been using.

This list has been last updated on 14th May 2024



  • Spendee: For personal finance and expense tracking.
  • Beeper: Universal messaging platform.
  • Authy: For cross platform 2FA authentication over cloud.
  • To Do: To Do List and Task Management App


  • Apple Music (Student Plan): Primary service for high quality lossless songs. ₹59/month
  • Audible (Premium Plus Plan): Primary service for audiobooks. ₹199/month.
  • Twitter (Premium Plus Plan): ₹1300/month.
  • Adobe (Acrobat Standard): Primary PDF reader and editor. ₹879/month
  • ChatGPT (Plus): Primary AI companion. $20/month
  • Netflix (Premium 4K + HDR): Primary entertainment. ₹649/month
  • Amazon (Prime Plan): Secondary entertainment. ₹1499/month
  • YouTube (Premium Plan): Service for watching videos. ₹129/month.
  • Skydo: For receiving oversees payment. $29/invoice (limit per invoice: $10000).
  • The Ken (Premium Plan): Unrivaled analysis and powerful stories about businesses from award-winning journalists. ₹4956/year
  • Office 365 (Business Standard Plan): Mail, Word processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation. ₹770/month


Disclaimer: Some of the hyperlinks contain affiliate links.